Our process

Since the beginning of this century luxury brands have redefined how they communicate and engage with their audiences. Having long grappled with the changing beliefs of their traditional customers within a shifting epicenter of global wealth, the emergence of a new and unique generation of luxury consumers has changed the playing field entirely. Building a brand requires more than creativity, it requires a strategic process that places emphasis on results, relationships and the extraordinary.

How we work

Establish objectives

In capturing the financial, operational, creative, marketing and communication objectives at the outset of a project, 
we can define a clear set of deliverables, goals and measures for a brand; criteria by which the success of a brand can be measured and monitored over time. The key is to align business objectives with creative planning so that the brand and its goals are congruent.

Brand investigation

Through the process of brand investigation, we immerse ourselves in our client’s business. By understanding our client, we can assist in identifying new opportunities and understand the essence and equity of the brand. Over the years, our investigation has established business opportunities including new lines of apparel and a new way of delivering creative education! Beyond listening, active and planned investigation contributes to the establishment of clear objectives and identifies a brand’s internal and external value propositions.


Through developing and building research we invest into painting a vivid and tangible picture of a brand or opportunity. While we begin to understand audiences, markets, attitudes and opportunities through research,
our skill is in translating the insights into tangible and innovative outcomes for our clients.


As the backbone to any great brand, campaign or initiative, strategy drives everything we do. It informs all creative and media decisions with clear objective-based planning. We take pride in our ability to take complex and integrated strategic thinking and turn it into successful, beautiful and measurable outcomes.

Creative development

Finding original ways to connect and communicate with people within the framework of the strategy isn't easy.
It takes creative leadership, entrepreneurial approaches, innovative thinking and decades of investigation into what makes people tick. As one of the most powerful aspects of our process, creative development establishes how we intend to move people, establish meaningful relationships, create desire, facilitate change and communicate a set of beliefs. Creative development is the process by which we create lasting and tangible value for your brand.


As the communication landscape changes, so must our approaches. Inventing new tactics, developing new opportunities and co-ordinating implementation across key media formats and channels is one thing, creating lasting value for our clients within those channels and formats is quite another. 3 Deep believe in developing foundation platforms for the ongoing delivery of our clients' campaigns. It's a simple philosophy that makes a big difference. Whether it be through the creation of community, the establishment of a new and innovative programme or the development of a new channel, our implementation team look to create opportunities that stimulate ongoing and constant engagement with your customers.

Measurement & management

While monitoring results across a prescribed set of metrics evaluates the effectiveness of a campaign and informs future decision making, we see the ongoing measurement and management of your brand much more holistically. As a continual process of appraisal and engagement, it provides our clients with opportunities to engage with their market, understand the impacts of their products and services whilst identifying new opportunities within the market.


For more information on how
we can assist with your next project, please contact Brett Phillips, Founder & CEO at brett@3deep.com.au

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