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Collections Three

The brief

To create a fragrance brand with a unique and sustainable position within the global marketplace.

The solution

What if a fragrance could be more than just sensuality, intrigue and allure? What if it could represent something that you stand for, something that you believe in and hope for? Introducing the Six Scents Global Fragrance Initiative. The Six Scents Collections present artistic collaborations between high end fashion designers, perfumers and artists to create a limited edition series of fragrances.

The results

– Voted Top 5 bespoke fragrance in the world within the brand's first three years.
– Presented in more than 300 of the world's leading salons & retailers.
– Winner of multiple FiFi Awards.
– Winner of a Cannes Design Lion.
– Collection One and Two sold out.

What they said

“The initiative goes beyond that of just fashion and scent. It’s about uniting perfumers and designers and creating a sort of social commentary on modern perspectives on creativity and culture.” – Elle

“Collaborations that originate in a desire to altruistically participate in a collaborative creative endeavor to produce wearable, pleasant-smelling art for a cause.” –

“It’s nice to see cult designers get their fragrance voice smelled.” – The New York Post

“Green optimism in a bottle isn’t the average fragrance tagline, but then the Six Scents series have never been average fragrances.” – VOGUE UK

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Image making, Communication