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Brand Identity

The brief

As a young practice within the Australian Architectural landscape, Studio Bird is incredibly unique. It is through the process of research, and with a focus on resourcefulness and rigor, that the practice's projects are, to date, exceptional manifestations of the client's brief within the context of site, budget and social & environmental sensitivities. Our brief was to establish a flexible and innovative Brand Identity that captured the essence and personality of the practice.

The solution

A graphic, detailed and individual brand identity platform.

About our client

Matt Bird is a practicing architect, based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2008 Matt formed Studiobird - a boutique design studio conceiving and implementing a range of innovative and at times experimental, architectural, interior design and art-based installation projects. Highlight projects include Alphaomega Apartment: the transformation of a tiny city apartment as an escapist retreat, Neervana Haven: an Indian meets Aussie coastal beach holiday home in Fairhaven, Domed: the ornamental interior of a dome intersected with a decaying suburban dwelling and Aviary: a jungle paradise set design for a bird inspired contemporary ballet performance. Matt also has a strong interest within architectural academia, lecturing in architecture, interior architecture and is also a PhD architecture candidate at RMIT University.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Image making, Communication