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Wine of Design

The brief

The production of handcrafted wine is a beautiful thing and there is a great deal of interesting, passionate and warm people making wine. These people are typically agricultural and artistic. It was identified by our client that there is a connection missing between these people and their work, and the everyday or “non-fanatical” wine consumers. Our brief was to establish a brand identity, communications and packaging programme as an initiative to attract new and younger audiences towards wine.

The solution

An integrated campaign of outdoor, print, advertising and digital solutions to position the initiative and attract new and younger audiences towards wine.

The results

Wine of Design has enjoyed significant annual media coverage within metropolitan newspapers, consumer magazines, industry publications, online profiles and television presentation.

About our client

V-know began by producing events in 2006 that introduced the next generation of consumers to identities of the wine trade, and making the appreciation of wine enjoyable and alluring by debunking conventions, rejecting the stereotypical pomposity, and producing innovative ways for people to interact with wine.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Image making, Communication, Publishing