Cultural Artifacts / 00 Volume 1: Black Material. Robert Knoke

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00 Volume 1: Black Material. Robert Knoke

The brief

One of the great virtues of art is that it enables us to see the world through different lenses. As a consequence, we are forced to oscillate from passive spectator to active participant, a role that imbues work with meaning. In this spirit, the 00 brand was born. 00 aims to change the way in which we engage, perceive and experience creativity. Realised annually by the V Group, 00 aims to celebrate and preserve the thoughts and work of the most progressive individuals of our time. 3 Deep were engaged by V Group to position, conceptualise, art direct, design and produce a limited edition monograph to launch the 00 initiative.

The solution

More than a year in the making, we crafted every aspect of the publication's character and facilitated the production of the monograph within China using our vast network of production contacts and services. Our attention to detail and intimate understanding of the printing and finishing processes ensured that the publication was immaculately presented.

The results

– Capacity launch at the New Museum in New York.
– The artefact sold out in all major regions.

About our client

V Group is a full-service New York-based global consultancy that provides highly strategic consumer insight, brand building and innovation services specialising in fashion, lifestyle, branding and communications. In creating a unique identity for each of their clients, the V Group provide the highest level of service combined with an insightful strategic marketing approach.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Image making, Communication, Publishing