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justin edward john smith

A Miracle of Modern Colour Photography (AMOMCP)

The brief

In relation to art and design, the edition, and in particular, the print and the book, have often been referred to as democratic mediums, allowing a broader sector of the community, beyond the established few, to collect and display art, and engage with ideas. The limited edition also enables artists to explore the potential of their ourve in formats and mediums not always typical to their work. Commissioned by Justin Edward John Smith, our brief was to conceptualise, art direct and design a monograph to accompany an exhibition of the same name at the Goddard De Fiddes Gallery, in Perth, Western Australia.

The solution

Created as an impressive large format monograph, A Miracle of Modern Colour Photography presented a series of large format colour plates, inset into each of the hand bound pages. Every facet of the books presentation from the choice and creation of custom typography, to the binding and selection of hand made italian papers, was purposefully considered and in keeping with turn of the century book production. The book is an aesthetic object; it is not only the content that is of importance, but the form and the physical expression of the ideas contained within. The reading of a book, the holding of a title in one’s hands creates a certain intimacy; there is a tactility in the turning of the pages, a romance and a sense of longing usually associated with notions of permanence and the longevity of the printed page.

The results

– The publication sold out in all major regions.

About our client

The artist, Justin Edward John Smith, is an English-born artist, who now lives in Perth and who has a lineage in Fashion photography and the performing arts.

What they said

"Justin Edward John Smith’s artwork celebrates sensuality and the beautiful at a moment in history when passion and emotion are the stuff of everyday living. It seems appropriate for this time to have an art that reflects the reality of lived experience – an art that speaks directly to the passion of the day." – Julian Goddard, Goddard De Fiddes Gallery

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