Cultural Artifacts / Amplification

jeff busby


The brief

Amplification engages in a critical departure from the advertising editorial typical to the luxury car. Images by Australian photographer, Jeff Busby, are both compelling and disturbing in their beauty and recall J.G. Ballard’s obsession with sex, death and speed in his novel, Crash. Our brief was to conceptualise, art direct and design a artefact celebrating Jeff's body of work.

The solution

The book is an aesthetic object; it is not only the content that is of importance, but the form and the physical expression of the ideas contained within. The reading of a book, the holding of a title in one’s hands creates a certain intimacy; there is a tactility in the turning of the pages, a romance and a sense of longing usually associated with notions of permanence and the longevity of the printed page. Amplification explores the relationships that exist between movement and stillness through a confronting, tactile and eerie artefact.

The results

– The publication sold out in all major regions.
– Winner of national and international awards of excellence.

What they said

"There is a kind of appalling glossiness to the production, making the gruesome attractive with its incredibly bright colouration. 3 Deep went full-tilt in production values with thick glossy paper and superb reproduction" – The Age

"Working with 3 Deep ensured that our observations were translated into every aspect of the book's final form, This included the heady weight and intense gloss finish of the pages, itself reminiscent of a car's original duco and finish, through to the narrative and composition of the final photographs." – Jeff Busby

About our client

Jeff Busby has been a commercial freelance photographer for 20 years with interests in entertainment, architecture, landscape and people, with a particular emphasis on designer based work. Throughout his career he has also been a leading practitioner of performance photography and has worked with many of Australia’s finest dance choreographers, opera, theatre and musical directors, opera singers, dancers and actors. Amplification is the first conceptual monograph
on Busby’s work.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Image makingCommunication, Publishing