Cultural Artifacts / Bird

3 Deep publishing


The brief

Publishing has, since its invention, enabled the exchange of ideas, and the book allows them to be easily disseminated, collected, shared, held and revisited. The book is an aesthetic and cultural artefact; its form and physical values serving to highlight and express the ideas contained within. Bird, the first publication by 3 Deep Publishing, was created to launch the business onto the world stage.

The solution

Limited to an edition of 2500 units and beautifully illustrated by Kat McLeod. Notions of gaze, pose, gesture, fashion as feathers, plumage as decoration, grouping and pecking order are considered in a series of juxtapositions that reveal the similarities and influences of birds on fashion. The artefact exists as a beautiful object and is embellished with hand embroidered pages, specialty stocks and hand made cases and covers.

The results

– Limited edition of 2500 units sold out.
– Included within the rare book collection of the State Library of Victoria.
– Included within the permanent collection of the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney).
– Included within the permanent collection of the National Library of Australia.
– Winner of over 20 national and international awards of excellence.

About 3 Deep Publishing

3 Deep Publishing presents titles that are design driven and focused on the presentation of inspiring and engaging local and international artists and designers. Our distribution activities foster critical dialogue and cultural exchange through the representation of a number of international publishers.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Communication, Publishing