Cultural Artifacts / Tim Richardson

Tim richardson

Physical Frequencies

The brief

Responding in part to Russell Storer's essay on Tim's work and the observation that "…running more on a loop…Tim's images trace the skull-cracking, nihilistic rhythms of industrial music, expressionist painting and punk rock, but insert a certain romanticism: emphasising the power of feeling to overcome the limits of technology, the body, and their uneasy fusion'. Our brief was to create a publication of significant presence and that captured the spirit of Tim's work.

The solution

Physical Frequencies is an artefact of significant scale and weight. The publication commences instantly upon the outside of the cover and only briefly pauses within its centre to present a supporting essay and title treatment. Without a spine, the artefact provides an immersive, immediate and uninterrupted presentation of the work.

The results

The publication sold out in all major regions.

About our client

Tim Richardson is a photographer and director based in New York. He contributes to several international publications including V Magazine, Interview, Dazed and Confused UK and Vogue.

Departments activated

Planning, Creative, Communication, Publishing