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Nestled between Melbourne’s premium commercial and culinary precincts, 130 Little Collins is a state-of-the-art commercial tower that reframes the traditional strata office narrative into a luxurious and compelling story of work/life integration. In recognising our ability to connect with the world’s most discerning owner/occupiers, 3 Deep were engaged by Golden Age Group to establish the positioning strategy, branding and supporting sales and marketing collateral for this iconic destination.

Artfully brought to life by Cox Architecture, the sweeping sculptural forms of 130 Little Collins ground the building amongst the most coveted in Australia. With an unprecedented focus on experience, design and amenity, the project presents a unique theatre of experience more akin to a first class lounge or six star hotel. As such it was imperative that we first establish a positioning that would distinguish the offer and set in place the guiding principles for all downstream brand and communication activity.

Speaking directly to the building’s elongated form and unique architectural signature, our design lexicon pays homage to the golden era of skyscrapers while celebrating Melbourne’s unique architectural silhouette. Carefully considered, each typographic form sought an accuracy of proportion while expressing notions of sincerity, restraint and timelessness. Anchoring our campaign, a considered approach to image making sought to reframe the traditional strata office narrative and respond to a generational desire for workplaces to relax the boundaries between pleasure and pursuit.

Our campaign responded to a generational desire for workplaces to relax the boundaries between pleasure and pursuit.

With considered design and luxury central to their remit, Golden Age Group has delivered some of the most ambitious and innovative projects in Australia. The ability for 130 Little Collins to further canonise this position and present a compelling dialogue on the future of commerce and urban design was front of mind when considering the narrative, composition and tone of this polycentric marketing campaign.

In rendering visible an unparalleled level of private and public amenity, careful consideration was given to the creation of visualisations that would appeal to the most discerning private families and captains of industry. From the selection of view lines and supporting lighting tone and mood, through to the curation of unique artefacts and furnishings, our role as art directors was to create a lasting memory of unparalleled attention, excellence and uniqueness.

With amenities conceived as either private spaces of respite or public stages for performance, a series of strategic partnerships were proposed to ensure that each of the supporting products and services available to tenants and guests were congruent with the project positioning and brand promise.

Located beyond the confines of quality, the 130 Little Collins brand is distinguished by a commitment design. Delivered through the curation of signature experiences, 3 Deep were charged with the enviable task of designing a series of artefacts that would recognise loyal clients and early adopters. Complex in form and significant in presence, each artefact leveraged the 130 word mark as its conceptual foundation.

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