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Phillip Adams is the Founder and Artistic Director of Philip Adams Balletlab. Phillip Adams' career in dance and performance spans over 25 years as a vital contributor to the richness of Australian performing arts. Adams' works provide a crucial point of differentiation: an alternative modality, fearless choreographic practice and risk-taking approach to creation and presentation. Between the twitchy agitation of British New Wave, recordings of birdsong and the paradise of the New Guinea jungle, our brief for Aviary was to capture the essence of the narrative and establish a compelling, image driven campaign that captured a flamboyant dance performance of exotic birdlife and uncommon adornment.

A work for the caged bird, Aviary builds links between Messiaen's colourful exploration of birdsong and music, choreography and staging to produce an experimental interpretation of his scores.

It feels like the future – Chloe Smethurst, The Age

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    Axeman Lullaby

    Axeman Lullaby is a collaborative exploration and reflection on the physical and climatic characteristics of Australian wood chopping and early Victorian bush settlements. Capturing the essence of the performance, our campaign delivered a sold out season through an integrated campaign of outdoor, print, advertising and public relations.

  • 28


    Presented in celebration of Phillip Adams BalletLab’s 20th anniversary year, Glory embodies a philosophical ritualising of choreographic traditions, cinema, irreverence and conceptual art.

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    Miracle takes up contemporary concerns about religious radicalism and uses revolutionary evangelist groups from the 1960s and 70s to explore the dynamics of group behaviour, rapture and the desire to achieve an alternate, transcendent state of being through religion. Our brief was to capture the essence of the narrative and establish a compelling, image driven campaign that created a vision that was at once brutal and sublime.

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