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Underpinned by the belief that that anything is possible, Elita is a next generation multibrand luxury retailer distinguished by their youthful perspective on luxury and a desire to disrupt archaic systems and attitudes. Launching into a $257b global market, 3 Deep were appointed to establish the critical business, brand, marketing and communications strategies required to position the business for long term success.

A comprehensive program was established that sought to uncover key insights into the business vision, retail model, operational landscape, collection structure and supporting marketing and communications. Engaging all facets of the business, 3 Deep established a ‘dream of exception’ that celebrated the notion of ‘pursuit’ and the next generation of iconoclasts pursuing meaningful change.

It was vital to establish a digital footprint that would balance the Elita brand experience against a clear and engaging roster of product. Our mobile first design approach delivers an enriching customer experience while providing a range of services commensurate with the Elita offline world. With a remit to deliver increased engagement, the website was supported by a comprehensive digital marketing schedule that included search, shopping, display, seo and organic/paid social.

Leaning into the challenge of elevating their category, Elita sought to connect with a spirited and discerning client that valued the pursuit of intellectual, artistic and social knowledge.

The Elita brand world is based upon existing truths and a clear vision for the future. Constantly permeating all branded touch points and experiences, our creative lexicon is linked to a desired brand positioning that clearly tells consumers who the brand is and what the brand stands for.

In order for Elita to be considered a leader within the luxury space, the business has an obligation to not only market its strengths, but physically demonstrate the behaviours, culture and identity required to canonise such a position and validate such a claim. This of course not only required the business to establish a series of discriminatory strategies that sought to rally its people, operations, services and brand around a desired strata of client, but consistently scaffold its position with a series of codes, symbols and gestures commensurate with the most coveted and established luxury brands in the world.

Desire is located beyond the confines of quality and is that which distinguishes the very good from the emotionally moving. A considered brand will not only engage audiences and respond to their needs, it will stimulate their dreams, move them emotionally and compel them to participate within the brand world.

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