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The Hardy Brothers bridal offer introduces customers to a highly personalised shopping experience that is supported by a comprehensive suite of engagement, wedding and bridal products. Reinforcing notions of scarcity, intimacy and occasion, 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a campaign that brought our clients 2020 collection to life while setting in motion broader strategic plans linked to commissioning and customisation services.

Complimenting a considered in-store sales narrative, the campaign furthers our clients ambition to broaden their collection topology while increasing the depth of their service offering.

As our client continues to re-calibrate over the next five years, it remains critical for the business to prioritise the opportunities and products that will lead to long-term success. Linked to a broader program of recalibration, the campaign also supports our clients ongoing efforts to refine service narratives, store design and customer engagement programs.

As a primary experiential vehicle for audiences enrolled in the brand world, digital storytelling remains product rich, intelligent, evocative and constantly evolving based upon digital insights and user engagement. Digital and print media continues to play a role in positioning the brand on a national stage while creating greater distance between competitors and peers.

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    Vault Identity & Campaign

    Positioned upon the key tenets of exclusivity, scarcity and desire, Vault showcases the very best of Hardy Brothers. It is the apex of the brand’s offer and a defendable asset that amplifies the business’ true luxury credentials.

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    Underpinning our larger brand recalibration project for Hardy Brothers, 3 Deep were charged with the responsibility of establishing an updated eCommerce platform for the business that celebrated the brands unique lineage while presenting the most revered luxury jewellery and timepieces in the Asia Pacific.

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    Quintessential digital campaign

    The days of leveraging social for top-of-funnel hype have passed. With each major platform offering one or more layers of commerce functionality, it is now more important than ever for Hardy Brothers to convert social voyeurs and occasional visitors into high frequency, repeat purchasers.

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