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Formulated by the German physicist and Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg in 1927, the uncertainty principle states that the more we know about a specific quality of a particle, the less we know about its other qualities. When filtered through a cultural lens, the same could be said of people, where the more we pursue one aspect of self, the more opaque our understanding of self actually becomes.

Founded by John Hardy in 1853, Hardy Brothers is Australia’s oldest continually operated fine jeweller. Following a period of strategic recalibration, 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a series of ongoing seasonal campaigns aimed at increasing sales across the group while connecting with a new generation of luxury consumers.

Leveraging our teams extensive category experience, it was vital that all creative outcomes reinforce the apex position of Hardy Brothers while embracing creativity and artisanship as core pillars. This continues to embed a unique character and emotional depth in all marketing and communications while providing an opportunity for clients to participate in a world that is at once meaningful and compelling.

The campaign manifests a unique dream of exception that invites the viewer to participate in a world of introspection and reflection.

Supported by an ecosystem of branded touch points and experiences, our SS22 campaign manifests a unique dream of exception that invites audiences to particulate in a visceral world of introspection and reflection.

Functionally our campaign profiles six key product categories across three distinct thematic moods. With a strong retail focus, our client’s Engagement and Youth categories hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principals while Vault and Coloured Gem collections revel in historical symbolism, romance and drama.

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    For some, inspiration is not found in moments of triumph, their purpose not revealed in times of defeat. Their truth is revealed when no one else is watching, long after the house lights have been dimmed. Through courage they discover their voice, through dedication they establish their legacy. This is what inspires people, this is what moves us all forward.

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    Sydney Flagship

    Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of historical, social and cultural sources, our design lexicon for the new Hardy Brothers Sydney flagship presents a unique alchemy of ideas from lapidary precision to theistic ritual.

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    Brisbane Boutique

    As a primary experiential vehicle for clients enrolled within the brand world, our design for the new Hardy Brothers Brisbane boutique reflects an assemblage of experiences, artfully designed to capture the venerated history of the brand while establishing a space that prioritises thoughtful exchange over ephemeral commerce.

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