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Founded in 1986, John Wardle Architects (JWA) is a design-intensive practice of 60+ staff that fosters a collaborative studio environment to excite and develop ideas. The studio's design expertise has been recognised with many awards including 25 from Royal Australian Institute of Architects, among them Australia's most prestigious architectural prize: The Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Buildings. 3 Deep created This Building Likes Me: John Wardle Architects, a complex and intricate monograph that pays homage to the incredible architecture and fastidious detail of the practice.

A huge undertaking spanning more than two years, 3 Deep were involved from the outset and worked with JWA, Thames and Hudson, contributing writers and photographers to develop the ideas that would portray the work of the practice in painstaking detail. 3 Deep were immersed in every aspect of the initiative from creating the initial conceptual framework for the book to overseeing every last detail of packaging and production.

Thirty-six recent buildings and projects are comprehensively presented in pairs, through photographs, drawings and models. These are complemented by a multitude of short critical essays and intriguing accounts and images of life within the JWA practice.

The book is an aesthetic object; it is not only the content that is of importance, but the form and the physical expression of the ideas contained within.

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