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Founded more than 25 years ago, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics is the No.1 prestige makeup brand in Australia. With a retail footprint of 31 stores and more than 500 independent stockists, the business remains at the forefront of product innovation, makeup education and prestige beauty. Following the sale of the business in 2019, 3 Deep were approached by the new owners to recalibrate the brand for future growth. Supporting a comprehensive program of multi-channel marketing and communications, 3 Deep were also charged with the enviable task of redesigning the retail store footprint and supporting customer experience touch points.

Since our first engagement with the brand in 2014 through to our subsequent reappointment in 2019, our work has been focussed on placing customers at the heart of a unique theatre of experience. Central to this remit was how to embed the pillars of leadership, creativity and education into the sales narrative while establishing genuine and lasting desire for the brand. As the beating heart of the business, education has always played a vital role in positioning the business while guiding the delivery of unique service narratives, store design, packaging outcomes and key organisational initiatives such as the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy.

A key challenge of this ongoing commission is to ensure that the brand platform responds to the long-term mission for the business to be the leading authority in beauty for professional MUA and consumers. Permeating all branded touch points and experiences, our ecosystem of influence includes strategy development, campaign and native content production, packaging, componentry design and of course the stewardship of retail store design.

As with all retail brands, it is vital that our work acknowledge the various stages of customer consideration and purchasing intent in order to deliver relevant, personalised and inspiring content that make each of those moments more rewarding. Our store design responds by delivering a unique ceremony of engagement that is underpinned by product innovation, the diffusion of knowledge and extraordinary customer service.

The Napoleon Perdis brand celebrates creativity, innovation and empowerment.

Leveraging our teams extensive category experience, it remains vital that all strategic and creative outcomes reinforce the apex position of the brand while embracing artistry and creativity as core pillars. This continues to embed a unique character and emotional depth in all marketing and communications while providing an opportunity for clients to participate in a world that is at once liberating and inspiring.

The most successful brands in the world are specific, not generic. They have a clear vision of what they stand for and what positive impact they intend to have on their customers and the world around them.

The Napoleon Perdis brand world presents a series of oscillating perspectives that continually ask participants to move from being a passive voyeur to active participant. Through a considered approach to image making our work seeks to ignite the imagination and connect audiences emotionally to the Napoleon Perdis brand.

In this commoditised world, consumers now seek out brands, products and experiences that are linked to the artisans that have designed and crafted them. Celebrated for their commitment to quality and innovation, each performs a vital function in cultivating fertile ground for a customers development of self-image and self-expression. Embedded into the fabric of our #NPAllStars campaign were strategic partnerships with a number of leading creators such as designer Toni Maticevski and photographer Tim Richardson.

Located beyond the confines of quality, it is desire that distinguishes the very good from the emotionally moving.

As the communication landscape changes, so must our approach. Inventing new tactics, developing new opportunities and co-ordinating implementation across key media formats and channels is one thing, creating lasting value for our client within those channels is quite another. Underpinning our approach to campaign development is the need to ensure that content continues to respond to the cultural sensitivities, core values and beauty rituals of Napoleon customers while generating lasting and tangible value for the brand.

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