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Neue Luxury is a trusted omni-channel business that reorientates luxury and connects the next generation of luxury consumers with the world’s most coveted luxury brands. Through an integrated content and experiences model, Neue Luxury canonises the perspectives, insights and dialogue from those redefining our engagement with luxury, while providing a highly engaged community with access to once in a lifetime experiences, exclusive insights and limited edition product. 3 Deep were commissioned to establish the Neue Luxury global brand strategy, brand name, visual identity, brand communications and editorial direction for both the printed and digital platforms.

The brand vision was simple; to be the most respected and successful luxury media and experience platform within the Asia Pacific region.

Neue luxury required new thinking. Dedicated category specific inserted magazines were developed to reward their readers' intellectual desires while adding significant value to partners and advertisers. Developed exclusively in partnership with a client, each magazine was curated around the stories, campaigns, products and insights that made their world extraordinary. Released quarterly and inserted into the Neue Luxury broadsheet, each magazine provided an unprecedented and beautifully considered platform to reach and influence luxury consumers, while an omni channel approach ensured that stories could be extended digitally with film, social and website activation.

Neue Luxury was positioned to be more than a quarterly broadsheet. It was vital that the masthead capture the attention of luxury audiences, create considered and relevant messages while establishing genuine and lasting desire for brands.

Neue Luxury is highly considered and finely detailed. Supported through the presentation of editorial and product features, interviews and engaging digital content, it provided a unique platform for partners and advertisers to tell deep, engaging and highly visceral stories.

Inspired by the great iconoclasts of our time, 3 Deep worked with Neue Luxury to create Neue Experience – a once in a lifetime roster of experiences for those who sought a life infused with luxury, beauty, art and culture. Drawing upon our extensive global network of makers, thinkers, artisans and partners, Neue Experience celebrated all things extraordinary while providing access to a life desired.

The Neue Luxury digital footprint was carefully considered, delivering engaging and visceral stories across dedicated mobile, tablet, desktop, social and eDM platforms. Omni channel campaigns ensured that messages could be amplified with intelligent and considered placements and article seeding.

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    Fragrance Collection

    In Susan Sontag's seminal essay, Against Interpretation, Sontag calls for a return to unmediated experience – for us to see more, to hear more, to feel more. The Neue Luxury fragrance program responds by presenting a unique alchemy of olfactory ideas, themes and phenomena that function to create both an artistic work and sensorial memento.

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    Les Enfants Terribles

    Neue Luxury is a trusted omni-channel business that reorientates luxury and connects the next generation of luxury consumers with the world’s most coveted luxury brands. Neue Fashion, a category specific insert published quarterly within Neue Luxury, was established by 3 Deep to provide a dedicated and relevant discussion on luxury fashion in the 21st century.

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    Nicola Formichetti

    Neue Luxury is a global discussion on luxury in the 21st century. The Neue Luxury printed and digital platforms deliver intelligent and considered dialogue from those at the vanguard of cultural and commercial practice. 3 Deep were commissioned to establish the conceptual direction and production of a series of film interviews for the Neue Luxury digital platform. The first interview took place with Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of Diesel.

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