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The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia and within the top 25 most visited museums in the world. Following a significant review of the NGV brand and communication strategies, audience segments and competitive environment, 3 Deep repositioned the brand and established an integrated program of communications across all branded, campaign, environmental and consumer touch points.

In bringing the brand strategy to life, 3 Deep created a flexible and animated brand identity system in order to help identify and canonise the many campaigns, events, initiatives and services provided by the Gallery and its supporting sub brands including the NGV Design Store, NGV Crossbar Cafe, NGV Tea Room, NGV Garden Restaurant and NGV Kitchen.

Any community has its own custodians, influencers, social order and language. The art, design, fashion and architecture circles are particularly acute in this regard. In order for the brand to maintain a highly differentiated position, it was vital that the organisation not only market it strengths but physically demonstrate the behaviours and actions required to canonise its position and validate its claim.

As a cultural leader, we helped frame the NGV as a provocateur and instigator of new ideas.

To be successful, the brand platform needed to support a unique theatre of experience consistently delivered across the bricks and mortar network, owned digital and social channels and member initiatives. Understanding that journey was vital in acknowledging the key moments of influence that the brand had with audiences. It also allowed the organisation to identify the key initiatives required to influence behaviour, build brand loyalty and encourage audience retention.

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