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The most successful sales and marketing campaigns are specific, not generic. They start by having a clear vision of what the project stands for and what positive change the project seeks to have on the city and its inhabitants. They also respond to the unique needs and preferences of a distinct strata of the market they seek to target. Stanhope by Kincrest was no exception.

Externally, Stanhope spoke to its surrounding context and turned the expansive landscape of trees and green spaces into the hero. Internally, world renowned Swedish designer Lotta Agaton drew inspiration from the Scandinavian light and minimalism. As an offering, Stanhope presented a beautifully considered place, sculptural in presentation and compelling in detail. Our challenge was to establish a campaign that captured the essence of the project and compelled a discerning and spirited client into action.

It was critical that the project brand and supporting campaign was grounded in trust and authenticity as well as desire and aspiration.

With each new development continuing to promise a ‘designer life’ of ‘luxe’ with the commensurate location and amenities, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish the unique value proposition from one developer/property to the next. While building aspiration within the minds of potential buyers is vital for all developers, the opportunity for Kincrest was to base these aspirations on truth and authenticity. To create, deliver and maintain promises for the project that, over the course of the project’s lifespan, would actively generate positive word of mouth and sales.

Establishing a framework that put the customer at the centre of the sales narrative and focussed on provided a positive sales experience was vital to drive sales over the course of the campaign.

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