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The Ideas Institute bridges cultures and objects with communities. The organisation bridges relationships between custodians of artefacts, commercial and public organisations and communities. In March of 2012, The Ideas Institute delivered the historic “Ascari Ferrari” to Melbourne after an absence of five decades. Our brief was to work in partnership with The Ideas Institute to secure and manage corporate partnerships and create a comprehensive two week event and communications programme.

As the most successful chassis in Grand Prix history, the car's return to Melbourne coincided with Ferrari celebrating the 60th Anniversary of their first ever FIA World Championship title. The Ascari Ferrari, or the 1952 Ferrari 500 Chassis No. 5, was driven by Alberto Ascari to claim Ferrari's 1952 and 1953 World Championship titles. The Ascari Ferrari occupies a very proud place in Australia’s motorsport history, having also been raced by Tony Gaze DFC OAM, Australia's first ever Grand Prix driver.

As the most successful chassis in Grand Prix history, the car’s return to Melbourne coincided with Ferrari celebrating their 60th Anniversary.

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