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V-know began by producing events in 2006 that introduced the next generation of consumers to identities of the wine trade. Rejecting the stereotypical pomposity, the group sought to make the appreciation of wine enjoyable and alluring while creating innovative ways for people to interact with wine. Our brief was to establish a brand identity, communications and packaging programme for the brand.

The production of handcrafted wine is a beautiful thing and a great deal of interesting, passionate and warm people are making wine. These people are typically agricultural and artistic and there continues to be a connection missing between these people and the everyday or “non-fanatical” wine consumer.

Wine Of Design sought to inspire all fine wine producers to innovate their dialogue with new consumers. At the same time, consumers may find wine falsely intimidating and it was through programs such as Wine Of Design that our client sought to identify the characters, regions and products of wine in a manner that is approachable and compelling.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the following wine makers and creative icons throughout the Wine of Design program; Matt Moran and Phi, Nick Littlemore and Mount Langi Ghiran, Materialbyproduct and Yarra Burn, Sass & Bide and Ocean Eight, Sam La More and Coldstream Hills, Anthony Lister and De Bortoli.

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    Six Scents Parfums is a global fragrance brand that presents the world's most innovative and unique olfactory collaborations. As a cultural barometer that discovers, nurtures and presents the very best emerging and established talent, 3 Deep were engaged by Six Scents to position, conceptualise and establish a launch event at 10 Corso Como in Milan.

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    00 Volume 1: Black Material. Robert Knoke

    One of the great virtues of art is that it enables us to see the world through different lenses. As a consequence, we are forced to oscillate from passive spectator to active participant, a role that imbues work with meaning. In this spirit, the 00 brand was born. 00 aims to change the way in which we engage, perceive and experience creativity.

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    00 Volume 2: Them/Her Film

    Realised annually by the V Group, 00 aims to celebrate and preserve the thoughts and work of the most progressive individuals of our time. 3 Deep were engaged by V Group to create a series of films for inclusion within a limited edition monograph to launch the 00 initiative.

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