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Founded by John Hardy in 1853, Hardy Brothers is Australia’s oldest continually operated fine jeweller. Following a period of strategic recalibration, 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a series of ongoing seasonal campaigns aimed at increasing sales across the group while connecting with a new generation of luxury consumers. Our AW23 campaign 'If Not, Winter' draws inspiration from the poetry of Sappho, an Archaic Greek poet celebrated for her lyric poetry focussed on identity, love, desire and the human condition.

Constantly permeating all branded touch points, our AW23 campaign is linked to a desired brand positioning that clearly tells consumers who the brand is and what the brand stands for. Steeped in symbolism, the campaign reinforces our client's intellectual pedigree whilst embracing powerful cultural narratives about life, love and desire.

As sometimes at sunset the rosy fingered moon surpasses all the stars. And her light stretches over salt sea equally and flowerdeep fields.

Whilst it was recognised that traditional market segments needed to be nurtured, it was critical that the campaign resonate with a new and much younger generation as a priority. Working with our client, our dedicated category team positioned and produced all aspects of the campaign from initial product planning, creative direction through to shoot pre-production, production and post-production services.

Leveraging our team's extensive category experience, it was vital that all creative outcomes reinforce the apex position of Hardy Brothers while embracing creativity as a core pillar. This continues to embed a unique character and emotional depth in all marketing and communications.

Some things never change, and compelling and well-crafted campaigns remain arguably one of the most important tools in helping achieve our clients brand, product and marketing goals. Working closely with our client, the AW23 content strategy sought to distinguish the brand, while highlighting key gold, pearl and classic and modern bridal collections.

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    Founded by John Hardy in 1853, Hardy Brothers is Australia’s oldest continually operated fine jeweller. 3 Deep were appointed to examine the critical business, brand, marketing and communications strategies required to increase sales across the group while reconnecting the brand with a new generation of luxury consumers.

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