3 Deep is a luxury branding and communications agency

Extraordinary brands for extraordinary people




Since the beginning of this century luxury brands have redefined how they communicate and engage with their audiences. Having long grappled with the changing beliefs of their traditional customers within a shifting epicenter of global wealth, the emergence of a new and unique generation of luxury consumers has changed the playing field entirely.

While every brand must define, communicate and demonstrate their unique values, personality and characteristics, we believe there are six dimensions that all luxury brands need to consider in order to connect and engage with the next generation of luxury consumers;

1. Artisanship
2. Authenticity
3. Time
4. Individualism
5. Creativity
6. The Extraordinary

By grading how well the brand performs against these dimensions and comparing the strategic outcomes against competitors, brand managers and owners can gain a fuller understanding of the relative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for their brand while better directing strategic and tactical initiatives. For more information on the six dimensions of luxury or how 3 Deep can actively contribute to the development of your brand please contact Brett Phillips, Founder and CEO.