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As trusted advisors to the most astute private clients, families and institutions, Kay & Burton occupies a rarefied position within the Australian property landscape. For more than 85 years, the business has embraced the opportunity to create enduring value for their clients while representing the most coveted property in Australia. 3 Deep were appointed to reposition the brand, while reinvigorating a diverse ecosystem of branded and property related touch points.

It goes without saying, but understanding business culture is vital to accomplishing business objectives. Prior to establishing the strategic framework for the brand, 3 Deep undertook a comprehensive review aimed at revealing the current and future challenges facing the business and brand program. Informed by series of stakeholder workshops and interviews, the review captured the overriding themes impacting the existing commercial and cultural landscape, while proposing a series of initiatives that would scaffold the brand program and help shepherd it toward success.

Extraordinary companies are built upon extraordinary brands. As a statement of ambition and pursuit, our client's new brand vision required a series of supporting and discriminatory strategies aimed at defending their new brand position. Strategies that not only required the business to market its strengths, but physically demonstrate the behaviours and culture required to canonise the position and validate the claim.

Reconciling historical equity against contemporary relevance, our creative strategy delivered a bolder, more youthful presentation of the brand.

Creatively, it was vital that the brand identity had its own unique curatorial vision in order to reinforce credibility and maintain our client's position of leadership. As such, the new brand identity reflects a highly considered toolbox of elements that function to create a memorable and considered theatre of experience across all branded and property touch points.

Strategically, the new brand platform establishes much needed distance between our client’s immediate competitors and peers, while establishing a clear and distinguishable voice in market. Reconciling historical equity against contemporary relevance, our creative strategy delivered a bolder, more youthful presentation of the brand - one that better reflects the nature and spirit of the business while reinforcing the brands unique values and character.

Positioned upon the key tenets of leadership, knowledge and desire, the recalibrated website needed to showcase the very best of Kay & Burton, while reinforcing our clients new brand position and vision. With a remit to deliver increased engagement, the design of the new site allowed for an efficient and flexible approach to storytelling and product presentation across mobile, desktop and tablet environments.

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