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Luxuria Hotel Group is a global leader in contemporary, design-driven luxury hospitality. Thoughtfully designed to enrich the human experience in harmony with the natural order, the groups collection of extraordinary properties seeks to reconcile the unique historical, environmental and cultural fabric of place, with an inspiring and contemporary statement of luxury and experience. 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a brand platform for the group and each of the hotel brands within its portfolio.

Prior to positioning the group, 3 Deep were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive luxury market analysis which included a detailed survey of global competitors and peers, their unique selling points and opportunities for competitive advantage. 3 Deep then set about creating a portfolio of brands that would bring the group's vision to life, including Arcadia Hotels & Resorts and Luxuria Hotels – the group's signature portfolio.

Reconciling historical equity against contemporary relevance, our creative strategy sought to position the group as a leader in contemporary, design-driven luxury hospitality. Through a concentration of transmitted and venerated signatures, we brought to life a founding discourse and brand identity that was linked to the intrinsic passions of its founder.

In support of the group's unique character, it was vital that we crafted a brand voice and tone that would connect emotionally with audiences. Intelligent, evocative and poetic, the discourse spoke to a mindset that encouraged an openness to the world and an appreciation for the nuances of life's more intimate moments.

In line with our broader creative strategy, 3 Deep established the group's first brand campaign titled 'The Art of Discovery'. Capturing a journey of exploration, curiosity and revelation, the spirited campaign spoke to the group's desire for their guests to uncover hidden treasures, embrace new experiences and find beauty in the unexpected.

The campaign captured spirited moments of exploration, curiosity and revelation.

Distinguished by a youthful perspective on luxury, the group's website needed to showcase a growing portfolio of assets, while reinforcing a compelling vision to investors and project partners. With a remit to deliver increased engagement, the new site allowed for an efficient and flexible approach to storytelling and a diverse presentation of projects across mobile, desktop and tablet environments.

Having established the core tenets of the program in partnership with our client, we set about integrating the strategy across a broad range of touch points and initiatives including digital assets and property signage and wayfinding.


The group's signature portfolio of Luxuria Hotels reflects a commitment to creating iconic properties in the world's most vibrant destinations. Positioned as a luxury playground for self-expression and discovery, the Luxuria brand was aligned with values of independence, freedom, discovery and pleasure.


Arcadia Hotels & Resorts reflect a commitment to creating sanctuaries of sustainable luxury where cultural preservation, community empowerment and transformative experiences coalesce to create positive change. In addition to establishing the positioning, naming and identity of the Arcadia brand, we established a comprehensive suite of property related marketing, communications and signage assets.

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