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Developed in partnership with the British Museum, the National Gallery of Victoria presents Pharaoh, a landmark exhibition celebrating three thousand years of ancient Egyptian art and culture. 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a visceral campaign for the exhibition as part of the 2024 Winter Masterpieces Series.

The exhibition is comprised of seven thematic sections that explore the pharaoh’s roles and duties, including as the high priest officiating in temples, the head of the country’s administration, the leader of the army and the head of the royal family. As part of our conceptual development for the campaign, a series of 3D pharaonic busts and artefacts were created to test a variety of image making conventions, compositions and treatments.

Through more than 500 works, including monumental sculpture, architecture, temple statuary, exquisite jewellery, papyri, coffins and a rich array of funerary objects, the exhibition explores the realities, mythologies and iconographies of kingship in ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh explores the realities, mythologies and iconographies of kingship in ancient Egypt.

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