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Ironside is a contemporary construction business specialising in multi residential apartment developments. 3 Deep were commissioned to establish a brand that would distinguish the business in market and render visible its ambition to be the builder of choice for the most respected, influential and powerful people in Australia. As part of this remit, our work included naming and brand strategy, creative production and the implementation of a unique ecosystem of digital, print and experiential marketing and communications.

Historically reserved as a moniker for great strength, power and endurance, the name Ironside speaks directly to the authority and leadership underpinning the business. In a space dominated by ambiguous acronyms, Ironside stands sovereign and a clear reflection of capability, culture and intent.

In order to add further depth and meaning to the brand platform, 3 Deep established a series of graphic devises that payed homage to Dazzle Camouflage. Used extensively throughout WW1 as ship camouflage, the Dazzle pattern was not intended to conceal a vessel but confuse the enemy as to the intended target’s range, speed and heading. As a business of influence with accomplished leadership skills, Ironside had no desire to conceal its position. Instead, the brand confidently asserts itself in order to create strategic distance between competitors and peers.

Ironside has no desire to conceal their ambition to be the builder of choice for the most respected, influential and powerful people in Australia.

Having worked tirelessly to build visibility and respect within their industry, the Ironside brand promise ‘Build to Endure’ reflects the functional and emotional commitment made to customers, suppliers and staff. To endure is to last, to sustain and to gain lasting recognition, worth and greatness. As such, the promise permeates every facet of our brand identity program informing decisions concerning form, materiality, language and tactility.

Diverging from a traditional construction aesthetic, the brand program was bolstered by a considered approach to image making and art direction. Utilitarian objects were transformed into artful observations while live construction sites were seen as opportunities to speak to Ironside’s exacting attention to detail and passion for construction.

Bold, confident and imposing the Ironside vehicle and staff livery validates the brand’s Ruler archetype.

Bold, confident and imposing, the Ironside vehicle and staff livery validates the brand’s Ruler archetype. With a suite of design signatures that translate consistently and clearly across a diverse range of touch points, the brand occupies a unique and defendable position within its category.

As a key credentialing tool, the Ironside digital footprint seeks to invite audiences into a world where architecture, design and construction converge. Linked to a desired brand positioning, highly curated digital storytelling explores themes of craftsmanship, legacy, leadership and the built environment.

With clients relying on a meticulous process and strict adherence to quality, moving image outcomes speak to Ironside's relentless pursuit for perfection and passion for construction. Presenting a series of intimate behind the scenes portraits, each outcome plays an important role in positioning the brand while motivating audiences to participate in the process.

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