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Young Gun of Wine is a wine media business for the new age. Through their eponymous Young Gun of Wine Awards for winemakers, the business has been celebrating the work of emerging talent and new wine labels for 15 years. In 2020, Young Gun of Wine introduced a new vineyard awards, to take the awareness of wine to the source: the place and manner in which the grapes are grown. 3 Deep were commissioned to design a series of perpetual trophies that recognised New Vineyard of the Year, Old Vineyard of the Year, Innovative Vineyard of the Year and coveted Vineyard of the Year.

Drawing inspiration from the disciplines of edaphology and pedology – two branches of study concerned with the scientific and technical aspects of soil composition and formation – the design of each award was informed by the unique horizons found within soil profiles. With a direct relationship to the concept of terroir, each sculptural form spoke to the daring and individuality of the winegrower and the land on which they toil.

Sovereign and brutal, each of the four awards were designed to perform in isolation and accord.

Realised in billet aluminium and mirror polished to reflect their surrounds, the striking design of each award spoke not only to the gravitas of the distinction, but the innovative contribution of its recipient.

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